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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

Season 4: Paul Neukam

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Season 1 Contestant Videos

Here you will find videos and judges' comments from Round 1 of the Cabling Icon Contest.

Round 1 Winners


Joshua Matanane

ASG Communications

Oklahoma City, OK


Joenathan Barnes


Chesapeake, VA

Dennis: "I liked that he personally discussed his skill sets. This video makes it obvious that he is passionate about his work."

Betsy: "Joshua was very thorough, clear and easy to listen to in his video. His experience was impressive, and it was easy to see his path to success and owning his own company."

Patrick: "Joshua has a vast range of experience installing cabling for a wide range of applications. He has made it through two recessions in his cabling career and turned the second downturn into an opportunity to start his own business. Joshua appears to have the technical skill and business sense to go far in this competition."


Dennis: "Joe did a top-notch job selling himself in this video!"

Betsy: "Joe is very passionate and speaks from the heart. It was impressive to hear about how he got into the business—from no experience to lead tech to owning his own business. His focus on customer satisfaction also came through quite clearly."

Patrick: "Joe’s rise from temporary help on a single cabling job, to project leader, to the owner/operator of his own business is admirable. With more than a decade of experience in the field, he brings the technical know-how necessary to succeed. And his meticulous customer-service orientation provides a positive image, not just for himself and his company, but for the cabling trade as a whole."


Dan Dosch


Laurel, MD


Steve Sanchez

NCS Data Systems

Naperville, IL

Dennis: "Dan's video was very well thought-out and he gave his professional diversity in a concise manner. It’s clear that he wants to win!"

Betsy: "A lot of time went into Dan’s video in terms of highlighting his key capabilities, experience and certifications and also in the overall production of the video, which was contemporary and entertaining." 

Patrick: "Dan has taken the initiative to earn professional accreditations and designations from recognized and respected organizations, indicating he has a long-term view of his future and has the knowledge necessary to make career out of cabling-infrastructure installation. His video portfolio showcases his hands-on ability. Having installed his first cable at age 14, Dan Dosch gives every impression that he has structured cabling running through his veins (figuratively speaking, of course)."


Dennis: "Steve puts some humor into his work, making his video very enjoyable to watch."

Betsy: "Steve is well spoken, and he showed us his skills and demonstrated his commitment. Also enjoyed his sense of humor."

Patrick: "Based on Steve’s video, he can be characterized as a contractor’s contractor. He delivers a professional appearance to current and potential customers when planning or bidding on future projects (note the blue blazer), then rolls up his sleeves and gets the not-so-glorious work done for them. His ease in front of the camera and his sense of humor are evidence of a results-oriented installer who keeps the larger picture (i.e., successful project completion) in primary focus."


Pedro Castellanos


Inglewood, CA


Alberto Luna

Total Network Consulting

Homestead, FL

Dennis: "Pedro proves his determination in getting the job done solo!"

Betsy: "Pedro showed us his multi-tasking ability as he simultaneously videotaped himself with obviously no assistance while showing us the a wide variety of tools he uses on a daily basis."

Patrick: "Pedro’s video is symbolic of a successful cabling installer in multiple ways. First, he has the tools to get the job done. And second, it was evident to me that Pedro’s video was a solo effort, holding the camera steady in one hand while maneuvering tools with the other, all the while speaking to the viewer. I bet that ability, to do singlehandedly what many would consider a multi-person job, is indicative of Pedro’s work style and worth considering as the Cabling Icon contest moves through Round 2."


Dennis: "His emphasis on proper tools for the job with the tools in the background hit a home run for me!"

Betsy: "Alberto showed us the need to be organized and qualified with the right tools for the job. He also demonstrated his ability to install in a wide range of applications and business types."

Patrick: "Having served a wide variety of customers and provided to them just about every cabling setup there is, Alberto showed in his video that he has immediate access to whatever is needed to complete a project. The follow-through he emphasized in his video certainly has been necessary for him to maintain a cabling business over a dozen years and to serve the wide-ranging needs of end customers of all types."

Round 1 Archives

David Terry


Riverview, MI


James Archie

Vision One Communications

Fresno, CA


Thomas Navarro


Los Angeles, CA


Russell Joy

NCS Data Systems

Naperville, IL


Brian Johnson

NetTech Communication Solutions

Pikeville, KY


Antonio Campos

A & D Systems

Hesperia, CA





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