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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

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Season 1 Contestant Videos

Here you will find videos and judges' comments from Round 2, the UTP Termination Speed Trial.

Round 2 Winners


Joshua Matanane

ASG Communications

Oklahoma City, OK

Task completed in 1:51

Dennis: "Joshua was "Mr. Detail" as he beat the clock on his UTP Termination Speed Trial. He showed off his experience as he explained 568 B termination on jack and color code when terminating on the 66 block. His video presentation was right on task without any extra fluff."

Patrick: "Joshua's play-by-play of his own punchdown task speaks well of his ability to pass on his cabling knowledge to entry-level installers. In addition to play-by-play, he also provides some color commentary, in which he mentions D-rings, slack, and the T568B wiring scheme. Joshua's ability to carry a conversation while completing the termination well within the 2-minute time limit is noteworthy."

Betsy: "I liked the way Josh let us know the wiring scheme and walked us through the pairs. He also maintained a good service loop for future use."


Dan Dosch


Laurel, MD

Task completed in 1:16

Dennis: "Combined with such an efficient setup, his untwist and termination techniques lead him to set the record completing the task at an impressive 1:16. This is a man who means business! The use of the duplex jack, which provides for the placement of all 4 pairs straight across on one connecting chip for one clean punch with the 5 banger was smart thinking. The Cabling Icon stickers were just icing on the cake for me!"

Patrick: "The official title of Cabling Icon's Round 2 is “UTP Termination Speed Trial.” In that strict sense, Dan has no equal. The ease with which he works the cable and the multi-conductor punchdown tool is clearly evident. The close-up photos of the terminations at the end of the video verify the clean, standard-compliant manner in which such a quick termination was accomplished."

Betsy: "Once again, Dan was extremely professional with both his video quality and lightning fast termination. No hesitation, just pure craftsmanship and a quick use of the punch-down tool. Way to go Dan! A very impressive termination in just over 1 minute. Oh… and I loved the music!"


Alberto Luna

Total Network Consulting

Homestead, FL

Task completed in 1:47

Dennis: "Alberto beat the clock and was the only tech that chose to use a stripping device instead of scissors as well as a non-punch tool termination jack from Panduit. He was highly organized as he completed the task and provided a thorough explanation of his process. Overall, Alberto's video was enjoyable to watch and very well put together."

Patrick: "Alberto not only completes the required punchdowns within the two-minute time window, he also introduces viewers to an alternative termination style for the RJ45 Category 5e. His advice about the approach of starting the 110 termination with the center pairs, and the rationale for that approach, shows that Alberto has completed many punchdowns—and seen many, many more. That experience has exposed him to the good, the bad and the ugly of 110 terminations, and his customers can rest assured that a project he completes will reflect best workmanship practices."

Betsy: "Alberto showed us how using different technologies can speed up termination. He also clued us in on some of his best practices and tricks of the trade."

Round 2 Archives

Pedro Castellanos


Inglewood, CA

Task completed in 2:12

Dennis: "Pedro was a few seconds over the time limit, but still had good organizational skills for the task. The song playing in the background, Everyday I’m Hustlin', brings back memories of being in a closet late at night terminating cables on a large project. You can tell he is a professional who hustles with his work."

Patrick: "The concentration on Pedro's face is indicative of the seriousness with which he takes his task. In Round 2 of Cabling Icon, when "talk" turns to "work," Pedro is all business. In the last few seconds when he talks to the wires, encouraging them to "get down," it is reminiscent of the late great MLB pitcher Mark "The Bird" Fidrych."

Betsy: "I had a little difficulty seeing Pedro’s hands throughout the termination due to the video angle, but overall it was a solid, fast termination that he can be proud of."


Steve Sanchez

NCS Data Systems

Naperville, IL

Task completed in 2:09

Dennis: "Steve was smart and efficient using a 5 banger punch down tool to meet the 2 minute time limit. He could have probably completed the task faster utilizing a different untwist technique. Steve is an entertainer and relays his image well in his video."

Patrick: "In Round 2, Steve displays technical skill to match the vibrant personality through which we got to know him in Round 1. The manual dexterity required to learn guitar riffs also serves him well in the 110-to-RJ45 punchdown task. Steve's competence makes me want to applaud and his easygoing manner (as well as his soundtrack) makes me want to have a coconut drink."

Betsy: "The multi-talented Steve captured my heart with his song, sense of humor and incredible termination. Like the song playing during the termination, I wish I could have viewed the termination a bit closer. I liked how he wished his fellow contestants good luck. Steve is truly a good sport and enjoyable to watch."


Joenathan Barnes


Chesapeake, VA

Task completed in 1:48

Dennis: "Joe remained calm and cool through his video as he explained the task at hand. He was very organized with the placement of the cable, but his untwist technique appeared a little too long. Joe beat the 2 minute time limit and overall had an excellent video presentation."

Patrick: "I like the camera work in this video, focusing on the wires and their point of termination. It gives an up-close look at the precision required to accurately conduct IDC punchdowns. Of course Joe's skill in performing these punchdowns is impressive as well."

Betsy: "Again, I felt that Joe spoke from the heart and I could really see that he enjoys his job. He had a great intro, told us exactly what he was doing, and I really enjoyed the integrated stop watch, which let me see exactly how long it took him to terminate."

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