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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

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Season 1 Contestant Videos

Here you will find videos from Round 3, Dropping Cable Down Wall.

Round 3 Winners


Joshua Matanane

ASG Communications

Oklahoma City, OK

Task completed in: 1:30

Dennis: "Joshua used the unconventional method of fishing a non-standard height wall from the outlet up to the top plate. This required a great deal of accuracy with the fishtape in locating the top plate access point and indicates his high skill level performed in a short period of time. However, his performance was discounted by not being able to view his techniques and performance above the ceiling tiles."

Patrick: "Joshua goes old school with the manual cutout, and still manages to complete the task well within the two-minute window. It is evident that he's working in real-life office space, not a propped-up set. Joshua's technique of feeding the pulltape up the wall through the cutout drywall minimizes the amount of work he has to perform while standing on the ladder—a trick-of-the-trade that might not occur to many installers."

Betsy: "Joshua measured carefully and had a nice clean cut, even using a traditional hand tool. I was also impressed that the task was done in an actual office space, but wished I could have also seen what he was actually doing above in the plenum space. All in all, a great job!"


Dan Dosch


Laurel, MD

Task completed in: 2:19

Dennis: "Dan demonstrated the most typical, day-to-day installation of them all with the movement of the ladder/ceiling tile and running into top plate drilling/chain dropping issues. Despite the challenges of the installation, he still got the job done in just a few seconds over 2 minutes. To me, this is the "how-to" video on dropping cable down a wall and should be incorporated into all low voltage contractors' training libraries."

Patrick: "Dan's demonstration of the cable drop is the most comprehensive among all Round 3 participants. While it's true that he took slightly more than two minutes to complete the task, Dan goes through steps that other participants do not, including finding the stud, using the jig to properly align the cutout, and doing some real-life wrestling with the elements above the dropped ceiling. As one of the YouTube comments states, 'More people in the trade … should follow your example.'"

Betsy: "Dan, Dan, Dan…. Wow! Once again, I was completely blown away. The use of graphics that demonstrated exactly which tools he used, combined with the awesome music, made for a very entertaining video. I really like the fact that the cable was installed in an actual office environment and that we were able to see what was happening above the drop ceiling in the plenum space."

Round 3 Archives

Alberto Luna

Total Network Consulting

Homestead, FL

Task completed in: 1:07

Dennis: "Alberto’s cleverness in having a weight directly attached to the cable and utilizing a wall located within warehouse space shaved seconds off his record-breaking time. His efficient set-up and camera angle allowed a complete view of his entire installation."

Patrick: "'Efficiency' is the word that must be used to describe Alberto's cable drop. The speed with which he completes the drop is impressive. He wastes no movements or time as he accomplishes the task with apparent ease."

Betsy: "Alberto didn't waste any time at all! He had on his safety goggles and his tools at his waist and was ready to delve right in. I was extremely impressed with the speed in which he installed the cable and how he managed such a clean cut out for the box with no spaces to worry about with the finish drywall."

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