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Season 2: Alberto Luna

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Season 2 Cabling Icon: Alberto Luna

Alberto was a strong contender in the Season 1 contest, earning a 3rd place spot. Before his second attempt at Cabling Icon victory, Alberto achieved his BICSI Installer I and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certifications. Aligning with Cabling Icon's goal of education and career advancement, the initiative Alberto took to advance his career might have been what pushed the judges and viewers to get him the votes he needed to take home the title of Season 2 Cabling Icon. Alberto is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie.  
Cabling Icon Season 2 winner, Alberto Luna, won the 2015 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge to become BICSI Installer of the Year. See the highlights in this video.  

Here's a look at Alberto's videos throughout the competition:


Round 1


Round 2

Dennis: "The layout of equipment and manuals along with Alberto’s accomplishments in the past year of getting   credentialed as a BICSI installer and Six Sigma exemplifies what this contest is all about!" 

Patrick: "Call me crazy, but I love the fact that if you listen hard enough you can hear Alberto's young child in the background of his video. The calling card for Round 1 videos is "Give us your best shot," and there's no doubt in my mind that Alberto obtained the BICSI Certified Installer designation and six-sigma certification over the past year in an effort to obtain professional achievement and, in doing so, provide for his family."

Betsy: "I was extremely impressed by the fact that Alberto received his BICSI Installer certification and Six Sigma certification in the past year. It shows his strong commitment to education and growth as an ITS professional."


Dennis: "Alberto showed his versatility by using an assortment of tools when terminating his cable."

Patrick: "Alberto used a BIX block to carry out his termination, choosing to provide voters with some instruction, and education for those who may be unfamiliar with BIX. The one-punch termination of the 110-style jack on the other end showed that he knows the value of efficiency in these hands-on tasks."

Betsy: "I can really see Alberto's increased confidence compared to last year. I also like that he talked us through the process and used a variety of tools."


Round 3


Round 4

Dennis: "Alberto displayed a rhythmic performance and effortlessly advised the audience of his task."

Patrick: "Alberto's use of a sheet of paper as a "dustpan" for the drywall cut shows a sense of professionalism and customer service. His talk-as-you-work rhythm shows the extreme comfort level he has with this type of task. And his explanations of what was happening, and why, shows that he has the ability to relay information to a crew of any size and experience level."

Betsy: "I like that Alberto explained the use of the grommet and Velcro to protect the cable. All around, it was a careful, methodical and clean cable drop down."


Note: At times during the interview videos, you may notice the poor quality of the Skype call. Cabling Icon apologizes for any information missed due to this issue and is working on a solution for future seasons.


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