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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

Season 4: Paul Neukam

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Season 1 Cabling Icon: Dan Dosch

Besides Dan's knack for video editing and setting the scene with Cabling Icon stickers in the background of his videos, the judges saw Dan as a talented professional who looks forward to a successful future in the industry. He has already earned a number of professional accreditations and designations from industry organizations, but is not stopping there. Setting high standards for himself, he looks forward to continuing his education and growing his career within the industry. Dan is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie.  

Here's a look at Dan's videos throughout the competition:


Round 1


Round 2

Dennis: "Dan's video was very well thought-out and he gave his professional diversity in a concise manner. It’s clear that he wants to win!"

Betsy: "A lot of time went into Dan’s video in terms of highlighting his key capabilities, experience and certifications and also in the overall production of the video, which was contemporary and entertaining." 

Patrick: "Dan has taken the initiative to earn professional accreditations and designations from recognized and respected organizations, indicating he has a long-term view of his future and has the knowledge necessary to make career out of cabling-infrastructure installation. His video portfolio showcases his hands-on ability. Having installed his first cable at age 14, Dan Dosch gives every impression that he has structured cabling running through his veins (figuratively speaking, of course)."


Dennis: "Combined with such an efficient setup, his untwist and termination techniques lead him to set the record completing the task at an impressive 1:16. This is a man who means business! The use of the duplex jack, which provides for the placement of all 4 pairs straight across on one connecting chip for one clean punch with the 5 banger was smart thinking. The Cabling Icon stickers were just icing on the cake for me!"

Patrick: "The official title of Cabling Icon's Round 2 is “UTP Termination Speed Trial.” In that strict sense, Dan has no equal. The ease with which he works the cable and the multi-conductor punchdown tool is clearly evident. The close-up photos of the terminations at the end of the video verify the clean, standard-compliant manner in which such a quick termination was accomplished."

Betsy: "Once again, Dan was extremely professional with both his video quality and lightning fast termination. No hesitation, just pure craftsmanship and a quick use of the punch-down tool. Way to go Dan! A very impressive termination in just over 1 minute. Oh… and I loved the music!"


Round 3


Final Round

Task completed in: 2:19

Dennis: "Dan demonstrated the most typical, day-to-day installation of them all with the movement of the ladder/ceiling tile and running into top plate drilling/chain dropping issues. Despite the challenges of the installation, he still got the job done in just a few seconds over 2 minutes. To me, this is the "how-to" video on dropping cable down a wall and should be incorporated into all low voltage contractors' training libraries."

Patrick: "Dan's demonstration of the cable drop is the most comprehensive among all Round 3 participants. While it's true that he took slightly more than two minutes to complete the task, Dan goes through steps that other participants do not, including finding the stud, using the jig to properly align the cutout, and doing some real-life wrestling with the elements above the dropped ceiling. As one of the YouTube comments states, 'More people in the trade … should follow your example.'"

Betsy: "Dan, Dan, Dan…. Wow! Once again, I was completely blown away. The use of graphics that demonstrated exactly which tools he used, combined with the awesome music, made for a very entertaining video. I really like the fact that the cable was installed in an actual office environment and that we were able to see what was happening above the drop ceiling in the plenum space."




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