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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

Season 4: Paul Neukam

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Season 2 Contestant Videos

Round 1 Winners


Cliff Terrett

Global Com Inc.

Arlington, VA


Alberto Luna

Total Network Consulting

Snellville, GA

Dennis: "Cliff has the right idea and started off great by encouraging education. I can tell he is confident in his work and enthusiastic about the contest after including a Round 2 task preview in his Round 1 video."

Patrick: "Cliff showed he is ready to take the next step, literally, by completing a Round 2-style UTP termination in his intro video. His references to working with cable in the dirt, in the sky and everywhere in between over the past 10 years symbolize his willingness to go where necessary, and do what's necessary, to get the job done."

Betsy: "I thought it was interesting that Cliff chose to show off his skills right off the bat! He didn't even get frazzled over a stuck wire and showed confidence and enthusiasm with his "Just do it!" at the end."


Dennis: "The layout of equipment and manuals along with Alberto’s accomplishments in the past year of getting   credentialed as a BICSI installer and Six Sigma exemplifies what this contest is all about!" 

Patrick: "Call me crazy, but I love the fact that if you listen hard enough you can hear Alberto's young child in the background of his video. The calling card for Round 1 videos is "Give us your best shot," and there's no doubt in my mind that Alberto obtained the BICSI Certified Installer designation and six-sigma certification over the past year in an effort to obtain professional achievement and, in doing so, provide for his family."

Betsy: "I was extremely impressed by the fact that Alberto received his BICSI Installer certification and Six Sigma certification in the past year. It shows his strong commitment to education and growth as an ITS professional."


Joe Barnes

MTM Communications

Chesapeake, VA


Killian Smith

Netcomm Inc.

Kewaunee, WI

Dennis: "Joe's wisdom of quality workmanship, honesty, and integrity goes a long way in any career."

Patrick: "Based on my experience, Joe's discussion of character and integrity in his entry video is not just him talking the talk. He walked the walk in last year's Cabling Icon contest, which I had the opportunity to witness firsthand as a judge."

Betsy: "I still enjoy Joe Barnes' soft-spoken voice combined with integrity and confidence. The fact that "character" is one of his key attributes says a lot. Quality workmanship, honesty and integrity are definitely putting Joe on the right track to becoming an "icon" in our industry."


Dennis: "Killian appears to have the dedication to have a long career in this field."

Patrick: "A budding pro in the cabling trade, Killian's entire work experience comes from the perspective of cabling and communications. His immersion in the field over his five-year career makes him an intriguing prospect as the potential next Cabling Icon. I'll be very interested to see his second-round video and him putting his skills to use."

Betsy: "I like that Killian started in the industry in high school and is looking for ways to enhance his career and become more proficient. This strong commitment at such a young age is rare among his generation and definitely deserves praise."


John Pinelo

Pinelo Communications

Fontana, CA


Dennis: "All I can say is: 'SuperTech!'"

Patrick: "With a career stretching back to the waning days of coaxial-based LANs, as well as experience in the electrical and communications cabling fields, John has the perspective to provide his customers with a comprehensive base of knowledge about the options available to them. His video is worth watching from beginning to end, to see the transformation of John the shirt-and-tie manager into John the short-sleeve-and-helmet cabling pro."

Betsy: "The fact that John has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has seized the opportunities over the years is extremely impressive. I also enjoyed his knowledge of past technology and its evolution, as well as his eagerness, commitment to BICSI, education and quality work. The “superman” at the end was fun!"

Round 1 Archives

Bobby Currier

Currier Network Solutions

The Colony, TX


Diamond Williams

ALB Communications

Sunrise, FL


Pedro Castellanos


Los Angeles, CA


William Diaz Jr.

ESC Cabling

Bronx, NY


John Kurtz

NCS Data Systems

Wheaton, IL


Tyler Clark

NCS Data Systems

Aurora, IL

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