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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

Season 4: Paul Neukam

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Season 2 Contestant Videos

Round 2 Winners


Alberto Luna

Total Network Consulting

Snellville, GA


Cliff Terrett

Global Com Inc.

Arlington, VA

Dennis: "Alberto showed his versatility by using an assortment of tools when terminating his cable."

Patrick: "Alberto used a BIX block to carry out his termination, choosing to provide voters with some instruction, and education for those who may be unfamiliar with BIX. The one-punch termination of the 110-style jack on the other end showed that he knows the value of efficiency in these hands-on tasks."

Betsy: "I can really see Alberto's increased confidence compared to last year. I also like that he talked us through the process and used a variety of tools."


Dennis: "I thought Cliff's use of the 4-Pair testers at completion of his termination showed his confidence in his work."

Patrick: "I like Cliff's decision to begin his hands-on work while he introduces us to his termination video. It shows a confidence in, and comfort level with, the work at hand. He methodically and quickly goes through the steps of the termination process, even giving a pointer about minimizing scrap in the process."

Betsy: "I liked the way that Cliff talked us through his stripping technique and managed to terminate and test in two minutes. Impressive!"

Joe Barnes

MTM Communications

Chesapeake, VA


Dennis: "Joe showed persistence when appearing to struggle with terminating his jack but overcame it like a true champion and showed us the picture to prove it!"

Patrick: "In life there are no second takes, and Joe Barnes stays true to that reality, as well as to his round-one discussion of character and integrity, in this video. He didn’t record five different takes and submit the one that came out the best. Joe is, to use a phrase from the software industry, WYSIWYG—What You See Is What You Get. The close-ups at the end of the video show solid, competent completed work."

Betsy: "Despite the slightly longer than two-minute video, Joe offered up a very gracious introduction, followed by pure determination."

Round 2 Archives

John Pinelo

Pinelo Communications

Fontana, CA


Killian Smith

Netcomm, Inc.

Kewaunee, WI

Dennis: "SuperTech joins forces with Sinatra to show his skills."

Patrick: "The ease and comfort level John exhibited during the UTP termination comes from his years of experience in telecom rooms and with backboards just like those shown in the video. Just maybe, with John Pinelo, the most appropriate Frank Sinatra song will be 'The Best is Yet to Come.'"

Betsy: "John showed his confidence, relaxed and easy-going personality, and superior cabling skills!"


Dennis: "Killian's over-hand termination technique with his 110 punch tool definitely stood out as being different and efficient."

Patrick: "Killian did not disappoint with his show of hands-on skill. In a video under two minutes long, he introduces himself and his work, completes the job, then provides close-up views of the terminations as well as a test-result printout. Well done."

Betsy: "Killian definitely knew his stuff! I liked the way he zoomed in on the termination so we could really see his work, and the test results were a nice touch."

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