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Season 1: Dan Dosch

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

Season 4: Paul Neukam

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Season 2 Contestant Videos

Round 3 Winners


Cliff Terrett

Global Com, Inc.

Arlington, VA


Alberto Luna

Total Network Consulting

Snellville, GA

Dennis: "Right down to it from all angles!"

Patrick: "Viewers who are experienced cable installers certainly can relate to Cliff's comment that the "top plate is no joke," as he used the tools as well as the elbow grease necessary to penetrate into the wall. Also give Cliff credit for the positioning of the camera in this video, making it easy for the viewer to see the entire task carried out in one shot. As with his previous videos, Cliff finished up with closeups of the finished work."

Betsy: "I liked that Cliff described the environment, indicated the proper outlet height, was careful to catch the drywall debris, and used a level—all of which showed his attention to detail."


Dennis: "Alberto displayed a rhythmic performance and effortlessly advised the audience of his task."

Patrick: "Alberto's use of a sheet of paper as a "dustpan" for the drywall cut shows a sense of professionalism and customer service. His talk-as-you-work rhythm shows the extreme comfort level he has with this type of task. And his explanations of what was happening, and why, shows that he has the ability to relay information to a crew of any size and experience level."

Betsy: "I like that Alberto explained the use of the grommet and Velcro to protect the cable. All around, it was a careful, methodical and clean cable drop down."

Round 3 Archives

Joe Barnes

MTM Communications

Chesapeake, VA


Dennis: "Throughout his task, Joe remained calm, cool and smooth."

Patrick: "No soundstage or props for Joe. His video was shot at the site of an actual customer. His step-by-step description of what he was going to do before beginning the drop-down was instructive and considerate of the fact that the actual work often is difficult to capture on video effectively. The care with which he sizes up then cuts the drywall hole is matched by its efficiency."

Betsy: "The ever-gracious Joe Barnes used an actual customer location, which was a nice change. He also explained the process right up front, and while he used "old-school" methods, Joe was quick and efficient."


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